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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

ALL the Experiences: CLICK below on the one you like, to Explore the details

almost Private Experiences: small Groups of  1-"few"  persons

Aegion, Greek flora, cooking, preserves, wines & music

COOKING, Aegion - 8 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Christos

€ 100

In Christos’ own estate, guests will learn how greek flora like trees, plants and herbs are cultivated, and the products or fruits that they produce. They will immerse themselves in greek cooking, and the production process of edible home-made olives, pickles, marmalades and preserves. They will tour local wineries & learn about the winemaking process. Last, they will learn traditional greek rythms and dances

Alexandroupoli behind the scenes, on cooking, dancing, walking about

LOCAL LIFE, Alexandroupoli - 5 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Olga

€ 70

Guests will learn how to cook traditional local recipes, enjoy a first-hand experience of the warm greek family hospitality, explore the city of Alexandroupoli behind-the-scenes, and take short lessons in traditional greek dancing

Ancient Olympia, organic field cultivation & herbal plants

CRAFTS, Athens - 4 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Haris

€ 60

Guests will gain experience on the organic agricultural techniques for growing and looking after aromatic plants. They will also become involved in real agricultural work in the field, and learn how to use herbs in cooking as well as herbal drink production

Athens, Insiders' Cuisine and Art

COOKING, Athens - 9 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Evy

€ 100

Evy had her university education in the USA, as a qualified teacher and tutor, and has worked in the Education and Seminars sector for years. She loves letting tourists in the authentic greek way of life and showing them the positive and beautiful side of Greece

Athens, Greek cuisine, wine, olive oil and cheese

COOKING, Pallini, Athens - 7 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 120

Guests will exploit Maria’s greek cuisine knowledge and will learn the principles and fundamentals of greek cooking. They will also acquire a comprehensive cognoscenti’s overview on traditional wine, olive oil and cheese production

Athens, traditional bread & pastry baking, & authentic greek cuisine

COOKING, Athens - 5 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Andreas

€ 69

Under Andreas’ guidance, who is an expert baker and an excellent cook, guests will learn how to prepare bread and authentic delicious pastries, and the secrets of cooking a number of traditional greek recipes and dishes

Athens, the art of hand-made chocolate production

COOKING, Athens - 2 hrs, 10 persons, Hosted by Aristotelis

€ 79

Based on Aristotelis’ life-long expertise, the guests will attend a thorough hands-on workshop in producing traditional hand-made chocolates, starting from the initial preparation stages, and finishing off with the actual basic decoration and coating. They will also eat and drink various chocolates and drinks, in order to appreciate their flavours and aromas

Athens, Insiders’ Greek Herbs & Wines tour

CRAFTS, Athens - 5 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Dimitris

€ 90

Guests will initially visit a prominent Athens herbs & spices shop, to learn about the greek herbs, spices, herbal drinks and bio products. They will then visit a leading Athens wine merchant where they will discover amazing local greek wines. Finaly, they will visit a fine Athens tea-room, enjoy their herbal drink of choice, and discuss tips & proposals for the best Athens attractions

Athens, handmade cosmetics, and greek biodiversity

CRAFTS, Athens - 5 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Tania

€ 99

Tania’s expertise in biology and environmental biodiversity, together with her studies in the Arts, will help visitors acquire an insider’s view of how to produce natural cosmetics. Guests will take active part in the whole preparation, production and testing process, and acquire a thorough understanding of the greek nature’s biodiversity

Athens, on Cooking, Handcrafting and Music

CRAFTS, Athens - 4 hrs, 3 persons, Hosted by Ilia

€ 65

Ilia is a musician and a travel booking manager. Her guests will indulge in cooking and pastry-making sessions, learn how to create ornamental artifacts, and immerse into the wealth of traditional greek songs

Athens, workshops for wood-aging, wreath & dress creating

CRAFTS, Athens - 5 hrs, 10 persons, Hosted by Apostolia

€ 75

Apostolia is an expert in creating ornamental artifacts, and will involve her guests in three workshops that will teach them wood-aging techniques, ancient brass wreath creation, and ornamental dress creation. All these techniques preserve the ancient traditions, and the end results are truly amazing

Athens, creating hand-made ornamental boats and jewels

CRAFTS, Athens - 4 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Lia

€ 75

Based on her extensive practical experience in hand-crafting decorative artifacts, Lia will teach her guests how to create small ornamental boats using natural materials, and how to design and create hand-made jewels. All these artifacts will convey a flair of authentic Greek atmosphere and light

Athens, collecting, preserving and processing local herbs

CRAFTS, Athens - 5 hrs, 2-8 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 79

Based on her extensive experience in collecting herbs and producing home-made cosmetics, Maria will teach her guests how to collect, store and process local herbs, and what their pharmaceutical and therapeutic properties are. They will also have time to enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, with greek souvlaki, greek salad and beverages

Athens, culture, singing, dancing, handcrafting and cuisine

CULTURE, Athens - 5 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Orfeas

€ 149

The guests will learn how to sing traditional and folk greek songs, the fundamentals of ancient and contemporary greek theatre, how to dance at the rhythm of folk songs, techniques for traditional greek hand-crafting, how to produce pure and authentic wax creams, and they will also taste authentic greek cuisine dishes

Athens uncovered, the definitive Athens “sights & atmosphere” walkabout

CULTURE, Athens - 6 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 69

Maria is an Athens enthusiast. She cherishes the city’s history and cultural vibes, and loves to take her guests along a thorough walking journey that covers almost all the “must-see” ancient monuments, as well as offering a unique feeling of the vibrant city's atmosphere and cuisine. This is a blend of history and local colour, that one can only appreciate on foot

Athens, insider’s walk-about on tradition, music, dancing

CULTURE, Athens - 11 hrs, 10 persons, Hosted by Panayiotis

€ 120

The guests will have a chance to visit a number of Athens hotspots, and museums exhibiting traditional garments and clothing, in order to appreciate the city vibes and the sense of historic continuity. They will then visit certain clubs and societies and learn the basics of traditional dancing, traditional instrument playing, and traditional singing

Athens, art, performances, venues, urban hotspots

CULTURE, Athens - 5 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 79

Under Maria’s expert guidance, guests will have a chance to visit a number of art, music and theatre performances and venues and acquire a feeling for the real artistic atmosphere. They will visit areas that constitute part of industrial zones or are natural beauty hotspots, and do not belong to modern housing structures

Athens, Spend a Day with our Family

LOCAL LIFE, Athens - 5 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Dimitris

€ 65

We'd like to invite you to spend the day with us! Visiting a local Deli Shop, learning how to cook traditional greek dishes, having lunch together, and chit-chatting on the sofa with a nice cup of coffee. Become a truly native Greek, NOT just a tourist

Athens, discover the mythical and authentic city

LOCAL LIFE, Athens - 5 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 69

Under Maria’s expert guidance, guests will explore places that are off the beaten track, walk on the city roads like true locals, acquaint themselves with the Athens traditions, and explore the renowned Athens cuisine and entertainement opportunities

Chalkidiki, Life and Art at the village of Marathoussa

CRAFTS, Marathoussa, Chalkidiki - 7 hrs, 4 persons, hosted by Fotini

€ 120

Fotini is big in Art. She offers a comprehensive and rare experience of "life in a greek village" which includes: sculpture (creating small artifacts), building small ornamental structures with natural materials, and hands-on involvement in home-based cultivations in her family garden

Chania, Producing handmade soap and creams

CRAFTS, Chania - 2 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Katerina

€ 49

Katerina has extensively researched the traditional production process for natural soap. Guests will be involved hands-on, at the hostsess' workshop, in the production process for natural and zero-alkaline soap and wax-based ointments, which are totally chemical-free, using soda and olive oil

Chania, Crete off the beaten track

LOCAL LIFE, Chania, Crete - 8 hrs, 5 persons, hosted by Kostas

€ 120

Kostas lives and works in Chania, Crete, where he will offer a comprehensive whole-day walk around the town, to everything worth knowing about Chania: the municipal market, the old venetian harbour & walls, obscure and unknown spots and areas of interest, the old soap factory, local shops, the great mansions & churches, and a generous sampling of the local cuisine

Corfu, learning authentic local cuisine and local hospitality

COOKING, Corfu - 6 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 79

The guests will have a chance to explore the intimate secrets of Corfu cuisine based on Maria’s professional experience as a chef, learn how to cook authentic Corfu dishes, discover the history of a uniquely beautiful farm estate house, and enjoy traditional Corfu hospitality

Corfu, hand-made olive oil soaps, cosmetics & ointments

CRAFTS, Corfu - 3 hrs, 5-15 persons, Hosted by George

€ 40

George’s family run a local agricultural business that produces olive oil and hand-made cosmetics. They will teach their guests the methods for olive oil extraction, and take them through a hands-on tutorial on producing hand-made soaps, ointments, creams and cosmetics for body cleansing and therapeutic prurposes

Heraklion, Crete, creating hand-crafted jewelry

CRAFTS, Heraklion - 4 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Stavroula

€ 45

Guests will take advantage of Stavroula’s extensive experience and learn how to create hand-made jewelry using fabrics and a number of embroidery techniques, and will get to create their own hand-crafted jewels

Heraklion, Crete, Living and working at a local organic farm

LOCAL LIFE, Heraklion - 5 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Minas

€ 59

The guests will be actively involved in planting, treating, looking after, and harvesting organic plants, according to the organic farming principles. They will also learn how to cook the organic products that they have collected from the field, and understand the positive health and nutritional aspects of organic cuisine and a self-sustainable way of life

Heraklion, Crete, traditional cretan cooking, and agricultural work

LOCAL LIFE, Heraklion - 6 hrs, 10 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 70

The guests will plunge into traditional cretan cooking principles, and will have hands-on experience on cooking greek dishes with natural ingredients. They will also learn how to do basic agricultural work, and look after small animals

Hersonissos, Crete, farming, cuisine and basketry

CRAFTS, Hersonissos, Crete - 5 hrs, 4 persons, hosted by Paraskevi

€ 70

The guests will visit a real agricultural farm, see how the animals live, enjoy a full home-made cretan lunch, and grab a refreshing beverage. They will also take lessons in the traditional cretan craft of basketry (basket-making)

Ioannina, an insiders’ trail on local crafts and history

LOCAL LIFE, Ioannina - 8 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Nikos

€ 90

Nikos is a Greek History-Archaeology expert, and will help visitors discover the most significant hotspots, historic places of interest, and authentic local people. They will also learn the works of traditional silversmithing, as well as the basics of the mouth-watering local cuisine

Kardamyli, Messinia, the art of authentic jewel hand-crafting

CRAFTS, Kardamyli - 4 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Ifigenia

€ 59

Ifigenia has studied silversmithing at the famous Stemnitsa Silversmithing Institute, and will present her guests with a unique experience that involves learning how to craft authentic jewels, and exploring the different precious or semi-precious stones, while offering them the opportunity to hand-craft their own jewel

Kos, local mountain chapels, villages, landscape, and delis

LOCAL LIFE, Kos - 4 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Efprepios

€ 79

The guests will undertake a mountain walking tour through a local small-tree forest and an area with farms and prairies, leading to 3 local amazing Christian chapels which they will explore and learn about. They will also reach a remote local village with barely standing stone houses, and will visit the local church while having a chance to taste a number of local treats

Lefkas, greek cuisine, cooking and dining

COOKING, Lefkas - 6 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Urania

€ 69

At this special event, the guests wll learn the basic principles of greek and mediterranean cooking, and then take active part in the cooking process and learn how to cook a multitude of authentic greek dishes. After that, they will all be invited at a special dinner, whereby all the prepared dishes will be consumed amid relaxing chit-chat

Lesvos, preparing local delis, dinner, local culture

COOKING, Lesvos - 5 hrs, 20 persons, Hosted by Womens’ coop

€ 89

The guests will take part in the food production process, for the products that are produced within the coop. They will also learn the cooking secrets which contribute towards a delightful edible result, and will enjoy a delicious dinner with the products that they produced as well as with other coop delis. In the end, they will also discover the village traditions and culture

Loutraki, Ornamental hand crafting and greek cooking

CRAFTS, Loutraki - 5 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Froso

€ 80

Froso is a decorator by profession, and will teach her guests a number of techniques for creating ornamental artifacts with wood and pebbles, and cook mouth-watering local dishes and herbal drinks, based on traditional recipes

Messolonghi, hagiography, local cuisine, and mud-bathing

LOCAL LIFE, Messolonghi - 6 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Yiorgos

€ 119

The guests will have a chance to discover byzantine hagiography from a local practitioner, and will then learn the techniques used for making and packaging the famous local haviar and edible salt. After that, they will be introduced to the amazing dishes of the local cuisine, and, finally they will personally take part in the renowned mud-bathing and feel, first-hand, the therapeutic results

Messolonghi lagoon, for fishing and bird spotting

LOCAL LIFE, Messolonghi - 5 hrs, 2 persons, Hosted by Konstantina

€ 120

Konstantina and her husband Christos are experts in the Messolonghi lagoon, and will take their guests along an amazing trip using a traditional local fishing boat (gaita). They will do a lot of fishing using traditional equipment, and will then explore many different spots, birds and living creatures inside the lagoon, which are worth visiting & taking photos of

Mykonos, Traditional Marquetry & Cooking

CRAFTS, Mykonos - 5 hrs, 5 persons, hosted by Katerina

€ 80

Mykonos is a culturally vibrant island. Guests will go through a structured course on ancient greek marquetry, including a quick and thorough overview of the art, and gain hands-on experience in creating such works of art. They will also learn how to cook a traditional greek recipe, and comprehend all the necessary little-known secrets of local cuisine

Nafplio, greek cuisine lessons, and greek culture

COOKING, Nafplio - 7 hrs, 8 persons, Hosted by Ivy

€ 100

Visitors will enjoy a structured hands-on learning session on traditional greek cooking. They will learn how to cook healthy, traditional Greek dishes from scratch, and will experience real Greek home-cooked food. They will also learn how to make Greek coffee and discover local culture through gastronomy

Patras, Agricultural activities and Deli production

LOCAL LIFE, Patras - 5 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Thalia

€ 69

Thalia loves local rural life. Visitors will become proactively involved in local agricultural activities like winemaking, olive collection, olive oil extraction, and production of local delis, and will also have the opportunity to experience and appreciate the local rural way of living

Patras, insiders’ walk-about, and authentic cooking

LOCAL LIFE, Patras - 9 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Emi

€ 99

Emi is very passionate about her home city and will take her guests along a journey to explore off the beaten track local hotspots in the city of Patras. Visitors will become involved in day-to-day activities, visit places where only the locals go, and learn how to cook a number of authentic local dishes and recipes

Piraeus, Creative greek cooking, and pure soap production

COOKING, Piraeus - 4 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Eleni

€ 79

Eleni has devoted her time in creative cooking, as well as in perfecting the production of hand-made natural cosmetics Visitors will initially follow creative cooking techniques and learn how to cook delicious and authentic local greek dishes. They will also attend a seminar on how to hand-produce pure olive oil based soap

Pyrgos, Ancient Olympia, Kremasti Monastery, greek food & the beach

LOCAL LIFE, Pyrgos - 8 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Angelos

€ 120

The visitors will enjoy a tour to the Ancient Olympia archaeological site and museum, and learn about the ancient greek civilization. They will then visit the famous Kremasti Orthodox Monastery and learn about the Monastery’s history. Afterwards, they will taste authentic local greek food and coffee, take basic  lessons in greek dancing, and take a refreshing swim at the famous Spiantza beach

Rhodes, natural products, cooking, living a rural lifestyle

CRAFTS, Rhodes - 6 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Eugenia

€ 89

Eugenia lives in Psinthos, a small village not far away from Rhodes city. Together with her family, they have adapted very well to the local lifestyle, which they will share with her guests. They will teach them how to produce natural home-made products like soaps, crèmes, sweets, drinks and cheeses, using natural ingredients, and how to cook traditional local recipes

Rhodes, traditional cooking, and an amazing village walk-about

LOCAL LIFE, Rhodes - 6.5 hrs, 10 persons, Hosted by Tota

€ 89

Tota is an exceptional person, since she preserves a long family tradition of extending warm hospitality towards visitors. She will teach her guests how to cook traditional greek recipes and sweets, and collect vegetables from an organic garden. She will also take them along a breath-taking walk around the village, whereby they will visit all the local hotspots and places of interest

Santorini, a study in the prehistoric frescos creation

CRAFTS, Santorini - 1 hrs, 10 persons, Hosted by Elias

€ 35

Elias is a professional arts conservator, with massive experience in studying, preserving and restoring the Santorini prehistoric wall frescos. He will take his guests through an amazing journey towards discovering the techniques used in creating these frescos, the materials used and the artistic thems that they depict

Sifnos, hands-on tutorial on the painting art of Encaustic

CRAFTS, Sifnos - 3 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Chryssoula

€ 45

Chrysa is a real cognoscenti of the ancient art of painting called encaustic, and will take her Guests through the historic origins of the art, let them explore the ways it has been practiced since ancient years, and offer them a detailed hands-on practical tutorial whereby they will learn how to use the materials in order to create their own encaustic artwork

Sitia, Crete, a trekking journey to natural hotspots & culture

LOCAL LIFE, Sitia - 6 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Alexandros

€ 99

Alexandros knows the Sitia area like the back of his hand. He also loves the local cretan traditions. He will take his guests along an exciting trekking journey, to the most beautiful off the beaten track hotspots in this area. They will explore the details of the local culture & folklore, including the unknown oral history, and the lifestyle of local people (the itinerary is flexible and may vary according to the time of the year)

Syros, religious hagiography, & jewel hand-crafting

CRAFTS, Syros - 3 hrs, 2 persons, Hosted by Eugenia

€ 45

Eugenia has extensive experience in hand-crafting, and will initially teach her guests how to create byzantine-style religious hagiography, including techniques on how to prepare and produce all the necessary materials. They will also learn the art of jewel hand-crafting, using special tools and a variety of materials

Thessaloniki, byzantine hagiography: principles and practice

CRAFTS, Thessaloniki - 5 hrs, 8 persons, Hosted by Maria

€ 79

The guests will first learn the principles of the art of byzantine hagiography, including forms, techniques, use of colours and materials. They will then get to produce their own religious icon, by applying the theoretical principles in practice, under their Hostess’ guidance

Thessaloniki on culture, gastronomy, tradition and art

CULTURE, Thessaloniki - 6 hrs, 8 persons, Hosted by Eleni

€ 100

Eleni is a dramatherapy practitioner. Being a Thessaloniki resident, she also knows the intricacies of authentic life in the city and wants to convey this knowledge to her guests

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