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almost Private Experiences: small Groups of  1-"few"  persons

Aegion, Greek flora, cooking, preserves, wines & music

COOKING, Aegion - 8 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Christos

€ 100

In Christos’ own estate, guests will learn how greek flora like trees, plants and herbs are cultivated, and the products or fruits that they produce. They will immerse themselves in greek cooking, and the production process of edible home-made olives, pickles, marmalades and preserves. They will tour local wineries & learn about the winemaking process. Last, they will learn traditional greek rythms and dances

Alexandroupoli behind the scenes, on cooking, dancing, walking about

LOCAL LIFE, Alexandroupoli - 5 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Olga

€ 70

Guests will learn how to cook traditional local recipes, enjoy a first-hand experience of the warm greek family hospitality, explore the city of Alexandroupoli behind-the-scenes, and take short lessons in traditional greek dancing

Ancient Olympia, organic field cultivation & herbal plants

CRAFTS, Athens - 4 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Haris

€ 60

Guests will gain experience on the organic agricultural techniques for growing and looking after aromatic plants. They will also become involved in real agricultural work in the field, and learn how to use herbs in cooking as well as herbal drink production

Chalkidiki, Life and Art at the village of Marathoussa

CRAFTS, Marathoussa, Chalkidiki - 7 hrs, 4 persons, hosted by Fotini

€ 120

Fotini is big in Art. She offers a comprehensive and rare experience of "life in a greek village" which includes: sculpture (creating small artifacts), building small ornamental structures with natural materials, and hands-on involvement in home-based cultivations in her family garden

Ioannina, an insiders’ trail on local crafts and history

LOCAL LIFE, Ioannina - 8 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Nikos

€ 90

Nikos is a Greek History-Archaeology expert, and will help visitors discover the most significant hotspots, historic places of interest, and authentic local people. They will also learn the works of traditional silversmithing, as well as the basics of the mouth-watering local cuisine

Kardamyli, Messinia, the art of authentic jewel hand-crafting

CRAFTS, Kardamyli - 4 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Ifigenia

€ 59

Ifigenia has studied silversmithing at the famous Stemnitsa Silversmithing Institute, and will present her guests with a unique experience that involves learning how to craft authentic jewels, and exploring the different precious or semi-precious stones, while offering them the opportunity to hand-craft their own jewel

Loutraki, Ornamental hand crafting and greek cooking

CRAFTS, Loutraki - 5 hrs, 5 persons, Hosted by Froso

€ 80

Froso is a decorator by profession, and will teach her guests a number of techniques for creating ornamental artifacts with wood and pebbles, and cook mouth-watering local dishes and herbal drinks, based on traditional recipes

Messolonghi, hagiography, local cuisine, and mud-bathing

LOCAL LIFE, Messolonghi - 6 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Yiorgos

€ 119

The guests will have a chance to discover byzantine hagiography from a local practitioner, and will then learn the techniques used for making and packaging the famous local haviar and edible salt. After that, they will be introduced to the amazing dishes of the local cuisine, and, finally they will personally take part in the renowned mud-bathing and feel, first-hand, the therapeutic results