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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

Treat yourself or your loved ones

to these AUTHENTIC Cretan goodies & gifts
which are delivered straight to your doormat

Cretan Pasta Dinner.jpg

Cretan Pasta Dinner
Maggiri, Sauces, Charisma

For all of you pasta lovers, this is a special suggestion including four different products of Cretan handmade pasta: plain tagliatelle, or with squid ink, fussili with Cretan dry anthotiro cheese or with fresh vegetable taste.

- Gross Weight: 4 Kg

Combine your Cretan pasta dinner creations with extra virgin olive oil and homemade sauces with dry anthotiro cheese or eggplant.

If you wish to offer this set of Cretan products in a elegant gift box then we recommend ordering the XL gift box in which they fit perfectly. The price of the box includes the decoration with all the ribbons and ornaments. The decoration and the colors vary depending on the season or holiday.

€ 52.80


Cretan Gift Box
Tsikoudia and Cretan Delies

A Gift Set, full of aromas, tastes and delicacies of the island of Crete. Authentic tsikoudia Kretaraki and traditional handmade pasta Striftaria for a delicious meal, sea salt with herbs & spices, spicy green olives and Kalamata olives.
- Alcohol by volume: 40 % vol.
- Gross Weight: 2 Kg

This is an ideal gift for a delicious Cretan meal. The box includes traditional handmade pasta Striftaria with Cretan herbs extract, sea salt enriched with herbs and spices, spicy green olives and Kalamata olives.

The products are placed in an elegant gift box, black, off-white or brown, and the decoration depends on the season or your preferences. It is ideal choice for business - professional gifts or as a gift to friends and relatives.

€ 29.80

Olive Products.jpg

Cretan Gift Box with
Olive Products

These are top quality olive products from Crete in an elegant gift box. Cretan extra virgin olive oil 250ml, fresh green olives and green olive paste for those who love Mediterranean and Cretan diet.
- Gross Weight: 0,6 Kg

Green olives 150gr, extra virgin olive oil Miterra (My Earth) 250ml, green olive paste 100gr for those who love mediterranean and Cretan diet. The gift box is decorated with a ribbon and a small wooden olive branch.

An elegant gift with the aroma of authentic Crete and premium olive products to flavor your dishes by adding some notes of Mediterranean cuisine. Extra virgin olive oil Miterra 250ml, fresh and full-flavored, green olives and green olive paste by Ellie, rich in flavor, ideal for making delicious salads and traditional meze.

€ 15.80

Cretan Thyme Honey Toplou.jpg

Cretan Thyme Honey Toplou Sitia - Great Taste Award, 950gr

Cretan Thyme Honey Toplou is the treasure of cretan nature. It is collected from Sitia in eastern Crete, a region know for its unique biodiversity and natural wealth.


Cretan Thyme Honey Toplou is a top quality product as it is collected from a region that offers the best possible conditions for its production. The result is an all natural product with one-of-a-kind flavor, velvet texture and ethereal aromas.

Toplou thyme honey has been awarded with the Great Taste Award in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

€ 17.20

Cretan Breakfast.jpg

Cretan Breakfast
Gift Set

Gift box set filled with the authentic tastes and aromas of Crete.Enjoy a Cretan traditional Breakfast with walnut cookies, honey, hazelnut cream, soy wax aromatic candle and cretan mountain tea called Malotira. 

The Cretan Gift Set includes:

- Walnut Cookies
- Thyme Honey
- Hazelnut Cream
- Soy Wax Aromatic Candle
- Cretan Mountain Tea

€ 33.10

Sea Salt Blossom, Herbs, Olive Oil.jpg

Cretan Gift Set with
Sea Salt Blossom, Herbs, Olive Oil

A gift set for demanding palates consisted of eclectic delightful flavours from the land and the sea of Crete.


Add some spice in your life with this flavourful gift composed of some of the most exquisite Cretan products and take your culinary creations up to the next level. Excellent quality Sea Salt Blossom, delicious herb mixes and multi-award-winning Cretan Olive Oil.
- Gross Weight: 1,7 Kg

In this Cretan gift set you will find excellent quality natural sea salt blossom, collected from the beautiful sea of Chania, delicious herb mixes Iliostasio for roasted and grilled meat, chicken, fish and salad, and award-winning Cretan virgin olive oil Oleum. A complete feast of natural flavours and aromas of Crete to offer as a gift to friends and loved ones or business partners.

€ 46.92

Cretan Black Sariki.jpg

Cretan traditional Headband (Sariki) Hand Knitted Migaki Style

Sariki is an integral part of the Cretan attire and culture. Many Cretans wear the black Sariki proudly in their everyday lives as it symbolizes both masculinity and valiance.

This traditional handmade Black Sariki is hand-knitted using the skillful techique migaki by Mrs Maria. Because of its dense and elaborate design, it takes about 1 to 2 days for a sariki to be knitted. The Cretan Sariki has a triangular shape and small knots are knitted in every side. It is approximately 110 cm long although it could reach 140 cm if you stretch it while ironing.

- Gross Weight: 0,2 Kg
This quality Cretan black Sariki is a unique handicraft and an ideal gift that represents the Cretan culture and tradition.
Cretan sariki is handmade and must be handled with care in order to last over the years. Please handwash, gently iron it and do not expose it in the sun.
The Cretan Sariki will be especially knitted for you upon order. It will take about 15 to 20 days to be delivered depending on the quantity ordered.

€ 31.00


Natural Anti-Wrinkle Antiage
Face Cream Evergetikon 50ml

Natural anti-wrinkle and antiage Face cream with wild rose & rose concrete by Evergetikon. Prevents rinkles and fine lines, softens existing ones.
- Gross Weight: 0,2 Kg

This antiage and revitalizing face cream is a natural product and has a rich composition that moisturizes, deeply nourishes and protects from the creation of free radicals that consist a factor of skin aging. It works preventing wrinkles and fine lines, at the same time softening the existing ones.

Apply a small quantity on face and neck. Recommended on clean damp skin.

€ 36.90


Cretan goodies box
with 7 traditional products

A combination of traditional cretan quality and tastefull products, that represent traditional Crete, placed in a gift box. Kretaraki Tsikoudia, organic raisins, energy bars with chocolate, honey & nuts, thyme honey, sea salt blossom & Cretan herbs.
- Alcohol by volume: 40 % vol.
- Gross Weight: 3 Kg

Selected among the most famous goodies of Crete, inside this elegant gift box you will find authentic Kretaraki tsikoudia in a 200ml bottle, delicious organic raisins from sultana grapes, sea salt blossom from the crystal clear coasts of western Crete, excellent Sfakian thyme honey, nutritious bars Pasteleion with honey, chocolate & nuts and Cretan herbs by Iliostasio, oregano and thyme.

The decoration of the gift box varies depending on the season or your preferences.

€ 42.20

Cretan Gift Pouch.jpg

Cretan Gift Pouch with Olive Oil & traditional cookies

Gift set with extra virgin olive oil Miterra 250ml and delicious olive oil cookies and cookies with Chios Mastic by Dear Greece in a burlap pouch. High quality products with beautiful packaging that we will definitely make an impression.
- Gross Weight: 1,5 Kg

Gift set with extra virgin olive oil Miterra 250ml and delicious olive oil cookies and cookies with Chios Mastic by Dear Greece in a burlap pouch. High quality products with beautiful packaging that we will definitely make an impression. The pouch is decorated with a small wooden olive branch tied with a green ribbon.

Miterra (My Earth) extra virgin olive oil has an authentic, rich flavor and fresh olive aroma. It is bottled in original packaging depicting the goddess Mother Earth of Minoan mythology. The delicious cookies Dear Greece with authentic Greek flavors are made with fresh olive oil of Sitia following traditional Greek recipes. Taste Mastic cookies, made with the unique aromatic mastic of Chios and traditional olive oil cookies with sesame, favorite treat in every Greek home.

€ 21.80

Olive-Vinegar Set.jpg

Ceramic Handmade Olive-Vinegar Set 'OLIVE' Limberidis Ceramics

Handmade and handpainted Cretan ceramic bottles, an Olive-Vinegar set with olive branch design, non toxic, lead-free, suitable for foods.


Use it to serve olive oil and vinegar. Hight 17cm Each piece is unique and might have a slight difference with a similar piece since they are made and painted by the artist's hand one by one.

€ 34.00


Carob hazelnut spread
Creta Carob 300gr

This carob hazelnut naturally sweet spread by Creta Carob is made of the same natural ingredients that 'grandma' used to make her jams. Carob hazelnut spread achieves the perfect combination of nutritious and tasty. Carob is a natural source of calcium and vitamins, it is rich in phosphorus, magnesium and potassium while it has a naturally sweet taste. Ηazelnut praline, not only tastes delicious, it is also an important source of energy as it contains proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.


The Carob hazelnut spread is perfect for your breakfast,to make sweet snacks and pastries or as stuffing in cakes, crepes and croissants. It doesn't contain sugar because it is naturally sweet and it is gluten free.

Keep in a room temperature in dry and shaded place.

€ 8.80

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