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"And yes, it's Greek food time....those salads, those souvlakis..."

I spotted this interesting travel story, from fellow blogger Pierre-Alexandre's last year's visit to Thessaloniki and Mt. Athos. It's so eye-catching to read about how people who live in other countries perceive Greece and our civilization.

Pierre-Alexandre is a committed traveler, but he's also a man of action: "You exist only through what you have done, not what you have wished or dreamed" is his motto. I couldn't agree more on that!

Let's read his experience...

"Greece...we read or ear about Greece nearly everyday over the last year. So here I am, to help somehow the local economy, to visit some nice places and enjoy some pretty cool food! My last visit to Greece was back in 1999, another time for the country. This time, I'm spending a full 9 days in the country, exploring all the places I have on my wish-list for a while, as well as revisiting some classics that I visit back in 1994 and 1999.

I made my way from Skopje to Thessaloniki by bus. The border was a seriously crowded affair, but we went through pretty smoothly. Could already witness a lot of migrants at the train station trying to leave Greece, on to Macedonia on their way to Germany or Britain.

Thessaloniki is not the most beautiful place to visit, so I will not post a single entry for the city. I'm sleeping in the local Holiday Inn right in the center of the city. And yes, I could witness the hundreds of empty shops. While taking the bus, you can really see how the crisis has been hitting the local population for a while. At the same time, by the sea, the more upmarkets shops are still open and busy. A lot of restaurants and bars by the seaside are busy too...welcome to a Greece at double speed....with those that have, and those that don't have!

I spent my time walking the seaside and shopping streets of Thessaloniki for a full afternoon. And yes, it's Greek food time....those salads, those slouvakis, those moussakas and some pretty nice wine too...I love Greece! But be warned, nothing is cheap here! I would have thought that a crisis would have bring prices I can really understand the high level of poverty with such prices!..."

Grab the rest of the story here:

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