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In Athens we wandered around a lot... it is a great way to see the city

Serena Tregoweth is a travel blogger, who (together with partner Matt) spent two weeks in Greece, this summer. What an exciting account of her trip did she give us...!

"When we arrived in Athens we settled into our airbnb and then walked around the streets to take in the vibe and style of the area. Despite Athens being quite a poor city, it has really cool buildings, with verandas and shutters on the windows and a lot of character. The touristy part of town is really pretty with nice back streets filled with bars and restaurants and little market-like shops...

... We went to 6 different islands; Ermioni, Agistri, Perdika, Poros, Aegina and Spetses. The first night, after 4 hours of sailing, we had a delicious Greek dinner right on the water and then went down a couple of doors to a bar. All 10 boats of people were there plus some locals which was the first time we all got to meet everyone on the trip which was awesome..."

Read the whole blog here

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