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Greece among top 10 destinations chosen by German tourists

Greece despite refugee crisis is among the top 10 destinations chosen by German tourists last year based on a research conducted by The German Research Institute (FUR) and published by

“The popularity of Greek regions depends on their location and the current situation. Some places, such as Crete and Corfu, were performing well providing German tourists with the blend of sunshine, relaxation and culture that they expect. Others, that have been hit by the refugee crisis, like the eastern Aegean Sea, however, have seen a decline.”

The research revealed several changes in the list of the most popular destinations. German tourists continued going on holiday, despite the increased security risks. However, the destinations chosen were much closer to their home.

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Moreover, the study showed that most Germans preferred the sun and sea, with large number of German tourists visiting coasts and Mediterranean destinations. However, many Germans prefer not to leave their home country at all.

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