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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

You're coming to Greece, on Holidays. That's great !

What if you require urgent MEDICAL Assistance ?

We offer you an "army" of

2,200 professional

greek Doctors and Clinics

They will be

on YOUR side,

on the spot,

whenever you need MEDICAL help

They are part of the

"SafeCard Gold" service

Here's what you get, when you JOIN "SafeCard Gold"

FREE "Essential Health" pack
1000s of DOCTORS on your side

Access to 2,000 Doctors & 200 Clinics

Direct access (no need for a medical insurance plan) to 2,000 local Doctors & 200 local private Clinics, via the "SafeCard Gold" Health Card services

You just call up their nationwide Hotline telephone number, state your area and your problem, and follow their instructions regarding:

  1. FREE unlimited appointments with doctors at tens of top private Hospitals (at their outpatient clinics) for: pathologists, cardiologists, surgeons, orthopedics, gynecologists, pediatricians

  2. FREE comprehensive medical check-up, covering: general blood & urine test, sugar level test, cholesterol level, triglycerides, SGOT, SGPT, γ-GT etc

  3. FREE ophthalmology test, covering: optical acidity, tonometry, schismatoid lamp test etc

  4. FREE dental check-up, with dental cleansing and fluoridation

  5. UNLIMITED appointments with local doctors at major private multidisciplinary medical clinics. COST: € 15/visit

  6. UNLIMITED appointments with more than 2,000 local doctors from all medical specialties, at their private infirmary. COST: Athens/Thessaloniki: € 20/visit - rest of Greece: € 15/visit

  7. UNLIMITED diagnostic tests at a nationwide array of 160+ private medical diagnostic centers (no requirement for any kind of health insurance). COST: the very low universal prices set by the greek law

  8. UNLIMITED appointments with physiotherapists, all over Greece. COST:  € 15/visit

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This comprehensive 12-months package

is available to everyone today

at ONLY  € 49.99

for the whole year

Follow these 2 easy STEPS (5 minutes):

  1. fill-in the Order Form                

  2. click here:                                

Thanks! Message sent.

Within 3 working days, your annual subscription plan will be activated

and you will receive emails with all the necessary documentation and instructions

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You will then gain UNLIMITED access to the following:

Thousands of local Medical Professionals

2,000 local Doctors & 200 local private Hospitals, Centers, and Clinics, through your personal SUBSCRIPTION to the "SafeCard Gold" Health Card services

You will automatically become a privileged Member of the "Safe Gold" Health Card, and you will receive, via email, a separate "subscription package" which states all the ABOVEMENTIONED services that you are entitled to (including access to Doctors, private Hospitals, Clinics, diagnostic Tests, Free "Essential Health" pack etc) as well as details regarding booking & usage of their nationwide health services.


Anytime you require medical help, you only need to call up their nationwide Hotline telephone number:

  • you state your membership details (you will have received a separate email with all the details of your membership, together with your electronic membership card)

  • you describe to them your exact medical requirements (e.g. "I want to see a pathologist, I want to book a free check-up, I want to take a diagnostic test" etc)

  • you, then, follow their instructions: they will direct you to the nearest available medical professional or Clinic

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DON'T let HEALTH problems RUIN your Greek Holidays


Get our Health Professionals on your side

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