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Super Large Folding Umbrella

Super Large Folding Umbrella

Super Large Folding Umbrella Men Womens Windproof Umbrellas Fold Business Sun Rain Umbrella Travel Whole Family Umbrellas


Dual Protection: The sun umbrella adopts advanced sun protection technology and water swimming fabric, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and rain, providing you with all-weather protection whether it's sunny or rainy. In summer, it can block out the hot sunlight and prevent skin from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. On rainy days, it can block the invasion of rainwater and keep your clothes dry.


Wind resistance: The umbrella frame is made of high-strength steel and high-quality fiber material, which is tough and durable, and has excellent wind resistance. Even in strong winds, it will not easily flip or be damaged.

Portable folding: This sun umbrella can be easily folded and carried conveniently. When folded up, it is small and lightweight, making it very convenient to put into a bag or hang on your wrist. When unfolded, it can provide a large area of sun or rain protection space, perfectly combining portability and practicality.


Oversized: This umbrella is oversized and has a diameter larger than a regular umbrella, providing vast sunshade and rain protection space, making it easy for 2-3 people to use simultaneously. Whether it's romantic sharing with lovers or intimate sharing with friends, you can feel its excellent protection.


Purchasing our sun umbrella not only meets your daily needs, but also provides a high-quality experience in outdoor activities. Whether you are shuttling through the city or hiking in the suburbs, it will be your ideal choice for travel. Let our sun umbrella bring convenience and comfort to your daily life!



  • Brand Name: BKBY
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Size: >62cm radius
  • Type: Umbrellas
  • Material: 190T Nylon Fabric
  • Age Group: adults
  • cloth: high density water repellent impact cloth, upgraded black glue
  • surface radian: approx. 152cm
  • surface diameter: approx. 130cm
  • height: approx. 78cm
  • folding length: approx. 32cm
  • Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella
  • Panel Material: Black Coating
  • Pattern: Three-folding Umbrella
  • Model Number: A-Umbrella
  • Control: Non-automatic Umbrella
  • Function: Stretch
  • Type: Umbrellas
  • Feature 1: High strength waterproof umbrella
  • Feature 2: High-strength windproof umbrella
  • Feature 3: High-strength windproof umbrella
  • Feature 4: High strength UV protection
  • Feature 5: Heat Insulation
  • Medium rod material: Metal
  • 10ribs diameter: 130cm


Outdoor scenes

  • Outdoor Scene 1: Fishing Umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 2: Sunscreen umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 3: Camping Umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 4: Windproof umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 5: pick up and drop off children's umbrellas
  • Outdoor Scene 6: Business reception umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 7: travel umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 8: Super Umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 9: A foldable umbrella
  • Outdoor Scene 10: be easy to carry about
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