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The summer is over...

An empty beach, somewhere in North Peloponnese...

Signifying that the Greek summer is over.

It used to be filled with travellers enjoying the sea and sun.

Now it stays empty, neglected, alone...

No mothers chasing after their kids... no kids building sand castles... no lovers staying up late into the sunset.

The sea starts making it's way inwards... very soon, the water will not be warm anymore. The sun will start playing games with the clouds and the rain. The air temperature will drop.

Another cycle ends... Everyone heads back home, to start turning the never-stopping wheels of day to day life.

Memories shall remain... but they, too, shall fade away gradually.

But the sandy shore will always be there... it will go through its own cycle of death and birth, and it will persist, waiting for next year's summers and next year's travellers.

Whatever happens, the sandy shore will always be there.

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