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Are Greeks still HOSPITABLE ?

"Greek hospitality" is a term that has been floating around the greek tourism industry for ages.

Greeks are supposed to be eager to help out strangers in case of need. We are supposed to be enjoying "coming to the rescue" whenever a foreigner requires help. We like to offer:

  • directions to places

  • opinions about things

  • a direct helping hand in case of unforeseen circumstances

  • words of comfort to people who may suffer

I believe that hospitality is a feature that is entangled with the "greek DNA": it's something that comes natural to us.

It is enhanced by the fact that greeks have always been striving, through the ages, in order to either make a living, or make things happen. We live in a beautiful place, which, alas, has NOT been blessed with sizable or viably exploitable natural resources, apart from the sea and sun, which are more of capabilities and less of resources. The overall morphology of the greek landscape requires a lot of effort in order for greeks to accomplish a good standard of living. Greeks have had to migrate all too often to foreign countries, over the past centuries of our history, hence we know what "being in need" actually entails.

On the other hand, one might argue that the recent financial challenges, coupled with the ever-increasing waves of foreign refugees, may have altered the typical greek tendency to "spontaneously help others".

Are we, probably, building a partial indifference towards other peoples' problems, since OUR individual problems are becoming more and more difficult to manage?

Does that mean that "greek hospitality" is rapidly becoming a thing of the past?

I don't thing so.

In my opinion, no matter how hard greeks may have been hit from recent hardships, our natural empathy towards other fellow humans will always allow us to remain warm at heart and eager to help.

So don't hesitate when you find yourself in need, during your holidays: ask a local Greek for his help or practical assistance.

He will grant it generously!

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