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23 POSITIVE things that non-Greeks taught me, about Athens

I recently had a heated (but SO interesting) online exchange of arguments with a lot of people (Greeks and non-Greeks), regarding the qualities, vices and virtues of Athens.

Being a born-and-raised Greek myself, but also having lived in the UK for 9 years and having traveled all over the world, I tend to miss things that non-Greeks seem to notice and appreciate about my home country, since they have a different perspective and lifestyle attitude.

Therefore, I have to admit that those non-Greeks DID teach me a lot of things about how one may view and appreciate one's home city. I am truly grateful for that learning experience.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) collection of some of those POSITIVE views about Athens, put forward by non-Greeks. Thank you guys...!

  • Athens is a very interesting city and it has a great nightlife and good culture

  • I fell in love with the ugliness, couldn't live anywhere else. Athens is poetic in every way

  • So much is going on every day

  • We can change it by being more conscious and attentive, by doing a little, each one of us

  • It has its charm and unique qualities

  • I love athens, many parts are quite beautiful, fun, great nightlife, relatively safe, more so than most big cities in europe, asia or the usa. It has flavour. Its also a great beach city with beautiful beaches half an hour away. It has it all

  • Lykabyttos is awesome, the mountains next to peiraias as well, there are the royal gardens

  • I love this noise and life and everything!

  • For me Athens is the most amazing city with its own magic.

  • Athens is the best destination to live in. It is an amazing magic place that I will never exchange

  • Wish there was something I could do to help ease the pain for those living there... even brighten up a small square anything to make a difference

  • I'm quite fond of Athens. Cities that are too uniform & 'clean' look & feel boring to me

  • When the sun paints a sea of apartments orange at twilight...there's a beauty even in the grubbiest streets

  • I quite like the graffiti. Some are created by really talented artists

  • Give me the grit and madness of Athens over the sterile, streamlined boredom of cities like Munich or Oslo any day

  • Whoever talks negatively for a city like Athens should go live in a better-cleaner looking place like Zurich or Strasburg ...and come back running (to Athens) because of extreme boredom

  • Athens is also full of Bauhaus Architecture, I live in a Bauhaus house from 1936, it's a dream come true for me

  • Athens is so sexy

  • I adore Athens and find it to be "up and incoming" and in some areas very hip. I love the graffiti art as well.

  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And no kidding, after living in Asia for a decade and seeing a few Asian capitals (even the clean ones) I find Athens breathtakingly beautiful

  • Beautiful! Athens has some fantastic pieces of Graffiti Art

  • I thought about those "piles of stones"...where would Athens be today if there had been a "clean up" of all of those stones and ruins....

  • The whole of Greece is beautiful. But also what makes Greece what it is, is the Greeks, whom I love. The food is out of this world.


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