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The Harmony of different TREES

The park that we visited today is just nicer, though - before to see it – I did not think that such a thing would be possible. What has impressed me was the harmony of different trees, and the maintenance of the alleys. They are cobbled, paved or asphalted, with the drainage of pluvial waters well studied; the main ones have sewage like the streets. They are made to resist not only up to a term of warranty, but eternally, like the construction from antiquity.

For not to interrupt the continuity of the Park because of a streets, they built a pedestrian passage, if I may say so, as it has a width of about 100 meters. It permitted more construction from concrete, like a small amphitheater for shows, all sorts of tracks for exercises on bicycles, scooters, roller, boards and others.

Obviously, a tavern could not miss, where backgammon players are unfailing. Throughout the park the lovers and enthusiasts of jogging are predominant.

(excerpt from the Book "With Love from Athens" by Cristache Gheorghiu)

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