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Spectacular Syros

We found this very engaging story about Llk's trip to Syros. She's from Phoenix, USA, and apparently she loved it, so we couldn't help but tell everyone about Llk's experience.

Here goes:

"This was the most incredible day! The weather was amazing and the town was unbelievable. Syros is the capital of all of the islands of the Cyclades in Greece. It is more cultured, and is a political center. The style of homes were different than anything else we have seen.

The streets were paved with marble - and very slippery as we had a storm last night and everything was wet. We went on a short walking tour today which included a viewing of an original El Greco painting in a local church and just viewing the local markets and stores. We sat by the waterfront and enjoyed the view and the calm peace of the town and the opportunity to take things a little slower.

We spent the afternoon basking in the sun on the top deck of the ship as we sailed to Poros which is where I am writing to you from. We just arrived here a little while ago and even though it is dark, it looks like a wonderful town and feels more resort like than touristy.

We will tour the town tomorrow morning and then we are off to another island called Aegean. On Sunday we will head back to Athens and we are all already dreading the ending of this amazing time."

Read the story here:

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