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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

Acquire amazing works of ART

of GREEK nature & life in the style of a famous Painter


A wonderful Sunday outing with Friends

Both my friends and I are interested in nutrition. We had heard about a place not very far from home where they eat raw food, and now was the time to visit it. Filled with curiosity, we arrived there after an hour. What we experienced was amazing. People actually did eat everything raw! No meat or bread was consumed. They basically ate all kinds of legumes, nuts and salads. The legumes they prepared the day before, by soaking them in water to soften them up. These people believed that one should eat food which is “alive”, and cooking kills the food. The raw food eating resort was situated in the middle of a little forest and the sea was about an hour's walk away. I couldn't believe how delicious and filling our first meal was....consisting of beans, lentil sprouts, grated nuts and seeds and salad.

We spent the whole day there, filled our lungs with oxygen, walked through the forest to arrive at the sea where we had a nice swim. All along the sea coast were fish be honest we did get tempted to go in and enjoy a proper meal by the sea but managed to refrain from it. By the time we arrived back home we felt so tired but amazingly light!

Maybe it is true what they say about raw food-it probably does cure everything......Unfortunately none of us was disciplined enough to keep it up at home so we will never find out if that is true....but it was a great experience.

- Anna Karelioti, GoGreek Experience Provider

I'd love to have you as my guest!

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