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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !


It’s a new day!

The weather is great although we’re still in winter, and a bright sun lights the deep blue sky. Most Marathoussa residents rumble around the natural surroundings. In a similar manner, my own day started off with a walk around my garden and orchard. This helps me plan the rest of my day.

So this is what I decided.

First I started pruning off tree tops, and then went on to clean and tidy up the surrounding area, including flower beds. It was a long and tedious job, which took me into mid-day.

After a short coffee break, I continued my gardening by planting 15 oleanders. God knows when they will eventually grow up. Closing my eyes, I can see them tall and bunchy, full of pink flowers.

What a wonderful image!

- Fotini Psatha, GoGreek Experience Provider

I'd love to have you as my guest!

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