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“We won”

‘’ΝΕΝΙΚΕΚΑΜΕΝ‘’ – “We won”, messenger PHEIDIPPIDES shouted after he had run the whole Marathonas-Athens distance in full armor in order to inform the Athenians of their historic victory in Marathon against the Persians, in 490 BC. Immediately after, he was dying from exhaustion. That was a victory that shaped the course of Europe in the coming centuries.

I am often taking the same Marathon-Athens route on a daily basis, only by car. I’m listening to music and news on the radio, and contemplating about today’s life, thinking that modern life is a real “marathon run” since one is always on the move, endlessly trying to arrange or fix things.

Thousands of people run on their own “marathon trail”, within the hustle and bustle of Athens or other big cities worldwide.

PHEIDIPPIDES was the first to run that course.

Let us never forget however, throughout our endless efforts, the good news that he brought to his co-patriots at the end of the line: “We won!”

- Yiorgos Tsoutsouvas, GoGreek Experience Provider

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