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An old story about a secret cave

One of the most beautiful places in Spetses is the “Bekiris cave”, which is located on the west side of the island, right next to a magnificent beach. You can go there on foot, but it’s more exciting to swim to the place.

In one of my most memorable visits to the cave, my son and his wife came along with me. We swam and ended up in a sandy beach within the cave itself. The beauty was out of this world, but the most important thing was that drinking water was trickling from the cave’s top. There are a lot of folk stories told about the cave and its trickling water. One of these stories claims that if a newly-wed bride drinks from that very water, her first child would be a boy.

Since I really desired my first grand-child to be a boy, I gave my daughter-in-law a cup of that “magic” water, without revealing the real reason to her.

She did drink it, and, a few months later, she gave birth to a gorgeous looking girl !! So much for the old story…

Needless to say, I love my grand-daughter like crazy, and I did bring her along to the secret cave on another excursion.

- Vasilis Traiforos, GoGreek Experience Provider

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