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An invention in the love-cave

After a swim at the picturesque “erotospilia” (love-cave) beach in Porto-Rafti and while winding my way uphill, I was enchanted by the omnipresent pistacia (a kind of local herb) scent.

When I arrived home, I decided that I had to exploit it by coupling it with something which is rare and sought-after, that can be found in the Mesogeia area, in Attiki. This rare “thing” is the “Markopoulo royal fig”. This is how the exquisite “fig marmalade” was conceived and produced, with its unique scent emanating from that special pistacia herb.

It is only by actually tasting the herbs growing in Attiki, that one can appreciate their excellent aroma and rich flavour.

- Christina Nikolaou, GoGreek Experience Provider

I'd love to have you as my guest!

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