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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

Kalliope – learn the botanical biodiversity of Kalymnos, collect therapeutic herbs, and create pure essences & creams

Visitors will receive theoretical knowledge on botano-therapy and its ancient roots. After a long walk to places of rich biodiversity where they will learn to distinguish, collect and process herbs and greens, take-up lab sessions, and learn how to create shampoos, body/facial oils, and herbal food and drink products.

 WHAT you will LEARN: 

  1. The basics of botano-therapy

  2. The rich Kalymnian biodiversity: experiential walks in Nature

  3. Distinguish and collect basic natural herbs and greens

  4. How to create your own products, using herbs and greens that you have collected

€120, 7 hrs, 5-10 persons

Kalymnos - Where the Experience will take place

What Wikipedia says

Kalymnos is a Greek island and municipality in the southeastern Aegean Sea. It belongs to the Dodecanese and is located between the islands of Kos and Leros. In 2011 the island had a population of 16,001, making it the third most populous island of the Dodecanese, after Kos and Rhodes. It is known in Greece for the affluence of much of its population.


Being mostly barren (only 18% of the land can be cultivated), agriculture has always played a minor role in the economy of the island, except for the valley of Vathi. The island is famous for its citrus fruits grown in this area. Another industrial activity typical of Kalymnos was the production of painted head scarfs, which were the most original component of the female dress.


In recent times, tourism has become important for the island, particularly for rock climbing. In 2006, the island also acquired an airport, the Kalymnos Island National Airport near Pothia, to better link the island with the mainland.


Kalymnos is known and billed as the "Sponge-divers' island." Sponge diving has long been a common occupation on Kalymnos and sponges were the main source of income of Kalymnians, bringing wealth to the island and making it famous throughout the Mediterranean. Sponges are still fished individually, by hand.


Kalliope Patelli is your Hostess for the whole experience

Kalliope is an expert chemist, specialising in botano-therapy. She is extensively involved in teaching people the principles of eco-friendly and fair extraction of herbs, and producing various natural products that can be used for nutritional, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

  • Place of ORIGIN: Kalymnos

  • LIVES in: Kalymnos

  • SPEAKS: English

  • LOVES: nature, giving away her knowledge and experience, caring for people, strolling around the countryside, and diving

  • Has TRAVELLED to: Greece (throughout), Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, England, Syria, China, USA

  • Personal TRAITS: friendly, hospitable, effective, and loves sharing things and knowledge with others

Here's how we'll spend the day and what we'll do together

BOOK it !

Here are the details for Booking this Greek experience

  • Place:  Kalymnos, Dodecanese

  • Meeting Point: the "NaturalyKalymnos" 2-storey neoclassical building at the centre of Kalymnos, in Pothia

  • Duration: 7 hours

  • Timetable: 10.00-17.00

  • Availability:  1 April - 30 November, only on  Saturdays & Sundays

  • Group size: 5-10 persons groups

  • Price:  120 euros per person

  • What’s SPECIAL about this experience: the immaculate organisation, the chance to get in close contact with nature in practical terms, the visits to little-known places of rich biodiversity, the opportunity to ultimately enjoy earth and nature as a home for all living creatures


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