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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

Toula – village life in Agiassos and the local forest

Toula lives in Agiassos, a small mountain village in the island of Lesvos. She offers an invigorating experience with an excursion to the local chestnut forest, collecting chestnuts from their own farm, an informative walk to the village's points of interest (including the local Deli shops & the cultural, byzantine and carnival museums), and drinking coffee and tasting sweet preserves at a local traditional cafe'

€50, 3 hrs, 10 persons

 WHAT you will LEARN: 

  1. The rich fauna & flora of the local chestnut forest

  2. Operations in a local oil mill and a soap factory

  3. Points of cultural interest: cultural, byzantine & carnival museums


Agiassos, Lesvos - Where the Experience will take place

What Wikipedia says


Agiasos is a small town and a former municipality on the island of Lesbos, North Aegean, Greece. It is located at the slopes of mount Olympos, at a height of 475 meters (1,558 ft), 26 kilometers (16 mi) from Mytilene. It is known for its special bright green landscape, its narrow cobbled streets lined by ranks of tiled-roof houses, the traditional architecture and its restless and religious inhabitants.


Agiasos, the artistic and religious centre of the island, is a preserved settlement that has many thrills  to offer to visitors. The reading society of Anaptixi, a famous cultural institution, was established in 1894, when the village was still under Turkish rule. Today it has a great library, a theatre hall, a folklore museum and an active organization which tries to continue the traditions that were passed by the old.


The feast day of Panayia church takes place on 15 August. Pilgrims begin arriving weeks before the 15th not only from Lesbos but from all over Greece in order to spend the first fortnight of August ("dekapentizo") in the monk cells or camp out in the churchyard. A carnival-like atmosphere slowly builds up, peaking on the eve of the feast day.


Toula Makrelli is your Hostess for the whole experience

Toula lives in Agiassos and works as a marketing manager in the hospitality & tourism industry. She travels a lot, in order to retain her high level of inspiration, creativity and love for life. Her ambition is to help travellers discover the local natural beauties, and appreciate the numerous hidden treasures.

  • Place of ORIGIN: Agiassos, Lesvos

  • LIVES in: Agiassos, Lesvos

  • SPEAKS: English

  • LOVES: long walks, reading, singing, swimming, dancing, art, decoration, marketing, travelling

  • Has TRAVELLED to: Italy, England, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, France, Chech Republic, USA, Carribean

  • Personal TRAITS: very open-minded and creative, she is totally committed to whatever triggers her inspiration, likes meeting and communicating with people from different cultures

Here's how we'll spend the day and what we'll do together

This Experience is offered in TWO versions:

Standard Pack
€50, 3 hrs, 10 persons
Deluxe Pack
€100, 5 hrs, 10 persons
Deluxe Pack

 WHAT you will LEARN: 

  1. The rich fauna & flora of the local chestnut forest

  2. Operations in a local oil mill and a soap factory

  3. Points of cultural interest: cultural, byzantine & carnival museums

Standard Pack
BOOK it !

Here are the details for Booking this Greek experience

  • Place: Agiassos, Lesvos

  • Meeting Point: Fire Department at the village entrance

  • Standard Pack - Duration: 3 hours

Timetable: 11.00-14.00

Price: 50 euros per person

  • Deluxe Pack - Duration: 5 hours

Timetable: 11.00-16.00

Price: 100 euros per person

  • Availability: Throughout the year

  • Group size: 10 persons max

  • What’s SPECIAL about this experience: a unique exploration of local village life and the surrounding natural landscape

HOW to get the Standard Pack:  1. click on the  Book Now  and, then, the  Request Booking  buttons, below  

2. at the field Redeem Promo Code FILL-IN:  standard_pack   3. you automatically get the 50%  discount on the Deluxe Pack price


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