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It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

Acquire amazing works of ART

of GREEK nature & life in the style of a famous Painter


Nafplio: a Local's Diary

Hey there, lovely souls! I'm Aliki, and I welcome you to my world in the heart of Nafplio, where each day unfolds with a unique rhythm, reflecting the town's rich history and vibrant culture.

Day-to-Day in Nafplio: A Symphony of Seasons

Life in Nafplio dances between the seasons, a pas de deux that never ceases to amaze. In the bustling summer, my boutique hotel echoes with laughter and stories from travelers worldwide. Mornings are spent preparing cozy rooms, adorned with local art, for new guests. Afternoons bring a kaleidoscope of activities - from exploring the ancient streets to savoring delicious local delicacies in the quaint tavernas. Off-season, tranquility reigns, allowing for introspection amidst the charming cobblestone alleys and the ever-watchful sea.

Local Traditions that Warm My Heart

One tradition that resonates deeply is the Easter celebrations. Picture this: candlelit processions, fragrant incense wafting through the air, and locals sharing traditional sweet bread. It's a spiritual symphony that unites us all. Another cherished tradition is the 'Karagiozis' shadow puppetry, a captivating art form passed down through generations, bringing joy and laughter to both young and old. And of course, the lively 'Glendi' festivals, where the entire town gathers for music, dance, and a feast that lasts well into the night.

Authentic Crafts: Nafplio's Artistic Soul

Step into the enchanting world of Nafplio's craftsmen! The art of pottery thrives here, with skilled hands shaping clay into exquisite forms inspired by our history. Olive wood carving, a centuries-old tradition, produces intricate pieces that tell tales of the ancient olive groves that grace our landscapes. Intriguingly, traditional loom weaving continues to flourish, creating beautiful textiles that carry the essence of Nafplio's heritage.

Local Hotspots: Where History Meets Modernity

Explore the iconic Palamidi Fortress, a sentinel watching over Nafplio since the 18th century, offering panoramic views that steal your breath away. Stroll through Syntagma Square, where vibrant cafes and charming boutiques line the cobblestone streets. Wander into the Bourtzi Castle, perched on a small island, surrounded by the azure waters of the Argolic Gulf. Dive into history at the Archaeological Museum, housing artifacts that weave a tapestry of Nafplio's past. And, of course, the winding streets of the Old Town, where every corner hides a story waiting to be discovered.

My Love for Nafplio: A Heartfelt Ode

Nafplio, with its timeless charm and warm embrace, has become the canvas upon which my life's story unfolds. The blend of history and modernity, the laughter of locals, the whispers of the sea – they all create a symphony that resonates deep within. It's a town that allows me to be both a keeper of tradition and a witness to the ever-evolving beauty that is Nafplio.

Facing Life's Challenge: A Lesson in Resilience

A few years back, my boutique faced an unexpected challenge. A fire swept through part of the town, threatening to engulf our little haven. In the face of adversity, the community rallied together, supporting one another with unwavering resilience. We rebuilt, not just brick by brick, but with the newfound strength that arises from facing challenges head-on. The experience taught me the true essence of unity, turning adversity into an opportunity for growth.

As the sun sets over Nafplio, painting the sky in hues of pink and orange, I am reminded of the beauty that arises from embracing the ebb and flow of life in this magical town. Come, be a part of Nafplio's story, and let its charm leave an indelible mark on your heart. Until then, yasas from Aliki and the enchanting town of Nafplio!


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