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Sailing into Poros: like a fairy tale

Wendy Kay is a retiree who, together with her husband Roger, have set to explore the world. She says: "My hope is to find the magic, mystery and adventure in each place that I am blessed enough to plant my feet".

In 2016, they are both committed to seeing the Greek islands.

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Here's what Wendy says about Poros island:

Our first full day out to sea found us enjoying the deep blue waters of the Sarconic Gulf. We ported in Aegina and climbed to the mountain top to see the Temple of Aphaia (490 BC). It was hot, hot, hot. Aegina is home to what many believe to be the best pistachios ever! Of course, we bought some and enjoyed them along the way. After spending a few minutes in the quaint village, we plunged into the sea to cool off before setting sail for Poros.

Sailing into Poros is like sailing into a fairy tale. It is a beautiful cliff side town that seems to say 'come sailor and lay your head for the night, here you will find rest'. Throughout Poros mother nature rewarded us with climbing bougainvillea, jasmine and cactus in bloom. As a gardener, I was in heaven. Having spent the night moored in Poros, we awake to another gorgeous day as we head for Hydra. It seems that we never see a cloud as we sail. Blue skies abound each day.

Happy island-hopping, Wendy and Roger !

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