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Folding Washing Machine

Folding Washing Machine

Folding Washing Machine Bucket for Clothes Socks Underwear Cleaning Washer Portable Small Travel Washing Machine EU/US PLUG


One washable: 1 baby bath towel or 8 baby clothes or 15 baby sweaters or 4 small toys or 2 mother T-shirts or 6 underwear or 8 underwear or 12 pairs of socks (Above data provided by the laboratory to 800 g driven cloths capacity calculation, specific please refer to our actual.)


Function keys:

1. Long press the following button 2 seconds can be opened or closed

2. Click on the button below standard washing to laundry for 10 minutes

3. Press the convertible again for 15 minutes

4. Press the dehydration can be converted to 2 minutes again



  • Brand Name: BALASHOV
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Note: Only small items of clothing can be washed
  • Large capacity: 29.5 * 29.5 * 29 cm


Note 1: EU(220V)/US(110V)

Note 2. Please nut a clean water dirertly into the washinn machine In the wash bucket; The injected water in moderation don't In too many (need to add water manually)

Note 3. Only small items of clothing can be washed


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