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Loneliness in the city, one drizzly morning...

Loneliness, oh sweet loneliness, the scourge of the soul, the great abyss that threatens to swallow you whole. It's a feeling that claws at your insides, a desperate yearning for human connection that can never quite be sated.

The nights stretch on endlessly, as you lie in bed staring up at the ceiling, the silence broken only by the pounding of your own heart. You feel as if you're adrift in a world that has no use for you, a stranger in your own skin, and the weight of it all can be suffocating.

The memories of love and companionship come rushing back, teasing you with what you've lost, and what you'll never have again.

Loneliness, the only constant in a world of fleeting moments, an eternal reminder that we are all just passengers on this lonely journey of life.

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