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Flying over the Schinias National Park, Marathon.

Simply amazing! This is what the creators of this video are saying:

"Flying over the rare ecosystem of the National Park Schinias, Marathon.

Distance from Athens is about 40 kilometers north-east and is the most important coastal ecosystem of Attica and presents a great interest in landscape and is based on a delicate water balance. The area is 13.84 square km (the maritime area included). It consists of a forest of Pine, the Great Marsh, the Cynosure Peninsula, the coast and the sea zone.

In the past, the wetland was part of Kato Souli US coastal communications station (in the area until the early 90 operated by American Base N. Makri and Kato Souli). An important natural and economic resource hyperlocal importance as each year attracts thousands of visitors to recreation (enjoyment coast, swimming, water sports on the vast majority), observing birds and landscape enjoyment.

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Historically the space coincides with the scope of the Battle of Marathon, and specifically with the camp of the Persians, while the Battle Trophy is within walking distance,"

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