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"I’ve always had this dream..."

“I’ve always had this dream, and this fire inside me that wouldn’t go away. And this little voice at the back of my head, telling me: “go make it happen”. And I decided to follow my dream. And I took the first step, and the second. And before long, I was on the road: I was building my dream, inch by inch, brick by brick. Lots of hard work. Lots of contemplating, planning, doing, praying, shouting, risking. My dream was getting bigger and stronger, by the day. I felt like I owned the world. And then, one day, it crushed. Everything I built came down, in a big and loud manner. And I was right in the middle of debris, smoke and ruins. And then, I found myself into no-man’s-land. And it was lonely, and scary, and cold, and dark. And this little voice at the back of my head became silent. And everybody was telling me “give it up, it’s over”. And I spent years without a dime in my pocket. And I couldn’t provide for my loved ones. And I prayed to God: “please show me the way”, but there was no answer. And everyone kept telling me that I was useless, and I started losing my self-confidence, and my stamina, and my faith. And there were those sleepless nights, when I was tossing and turning in my bed, thinking “should I quit my dream?”. But that fire inside me, wouldn’t go away. And another voice came up: “everyone gets ONE more chance”. And I followed a lot of false paths, looking for the way forward: they all vanished into nothing. And years passed by, and the fire inside me became so faint that I thought it was gone for good. But it wasn’t. It kept me thinking about my dream. And one day, I found a half-open path, with a sign: “come this way”. I wasn’t sure in the start: could it be another dead end? Should I follow the path? Did I have the courage? What if it led nowhere? Would I screw my ONLY second chance? But the fire inside me was glowing stronger, so I decided to take the risk. And I took a first step down the new path, and then another, and another. And my fire was getting even stronger, and my little voice was telling me: “this IS your second chance, give it all you’ve got”. And then, all my senses came back to life. And I recovered my strength, and my intellect, and my momentum, and I started rebuilding my dream, on a new basis. I had discovered my second chance, and I decided to go for it, with all guns blazing. “


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