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Aegion, Greek flaura, cooking, preserves, wines & music

In Christos’ own estate, guests will learn how greek flaura like trees, plants and herbs are cultivated, and the products or fruits that they produce. They will immerse themselves in greek cooking, and the production process of edible home-made olives, pickles, marmalades and preserves. They will tour local wineries & learn about the winemaking process. Last, they will learn traditional greek rythms and dances

€ 100

COOKING, Aegion - 8 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Christos

Alexandroupoli behind the scenes, on cooking, dancing, walking about

Guests will learn how to cook traditional local recipes, enjoy a first-hand experience of the warm greek family hospitality, explore the city of Alexandroupoli behind-the-scenes, and take short lessons in traditional greek dancing

€ 70

LOCAL LIFE, Alexandroupoli - 5 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Olga

Ancient Olympia, organic field cultivation & herbal plants

Guests will gain experience on the organic agricultural techniques for growing and looking after aromatic plants. They will also become involved in real agricultural work in the field, and learn how to use herbs in cooking as well as herbal drink production

€ 60

CRAFTS, Athens - 4 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Haris

Athens, Insiders' Cuisine and Art

Evy had her university education in the USA, as a qualified teacher and tutor, and has worked in the Education and Seminars sector for years. She loves letting tourists in the authentic greek way of life and showing them the positive and beautiful side of Greece

€ 100

COOKING, Athens - 9 hrs, 6 persons, Hosted by Evy

Athens, Greek cuisine, wine, olive oil and cheese

Guests will exploit Maria’s greek cuisine knowledge and will learn the principles and fundamentals of greek cooking. They will also acquire a comprehensive cognoscenti’s overview on traditional wine, olive oil and cheese production

€ 120

COOKING, Pallini, Athens - 7 hrs, 4 persons, Hosted by Maria