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Experience the authentic GREEK life

It's NOT about the   journey,  it's about the person you become  along the way .    Become GREEK !

Sonya – Thessaloniki on the Monuments, Art & Archaeology trail

The guests will visit numerous Thessaloniki archaeological sights, byzantine monuments and museums of modern art and acquire a great sense of the city’s cultural evolution.

€80, 7 hrs, 6 persons

 WHAT you will LEARN: 

  1. The historic evolution of Thessaloniki and the formation of its modern culture 

  2. Points of cultural & historic interest: archeological sights, byzantine monuments and museums of modern art


Thessaloniki - Where the Experience will take place

What Wikipedia says

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the administrative region of Central Macedonia. The Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area population in 2011 reached a total of 1,104,460 inhabitants.


The city of Thessaloniki was founded in 315 BC by Cassander of Macedon. An important metropolis by the Roman period, Thessaloniki was the second largest and wealthiest city of the Byzantine Empire. It is a popular tourist destination in Greece: in 2014 Financial Times FDI magazine declared Thessaloniki as the best mid-sized European city of the future for human capital and lifestyle.


Today, the city center of Thessaloniki includes the features designed as part of the plan and forms the point in the city where most of the public buildings, historical sites, entertainment venues and stores are located. The center is characterized by its many historical buildings, arcades, laneways and distinct architectural styles such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco, which can be seen on many of its buildings.


Also called the historic centre, it is divided into several districts, like Ladadika (where many entertainment venues and tavernas are located), Kapani (were the city's central city market is located), Diagonios, Navarinou, Rotonta, Agia Sofia and Ippodromio, which are all located around Thessaloniki's most central point, Aristotelous Square.


Thessaloniki is regarded as the cultural capital of the country. It is renowned for its major shopping streets and lively laneways. The city has long been known in Greece for its vibrant city culture, including having the most cafes and bars per capita of any city in Europe; and as having some of the best nightlife and entertainment in the country. Because of the city's rich and diverse history, Thessaloniki houses many museums dealing with many different eras in history. Two of the city's most famous museums include the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Byzantine Culture.


Thessaloniki is also home of a number of festivals and events. The Thessaloniki International Trade Fair is the most important event to be hosted in the city annually. Thessaloniki is home to a number of prominent archaeological sites. Apart from its recognized UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Thessaloniki features a large two-terraced Roman forum featuring two-storey stoas dug up by accident in the 1960s. The forum complex also boasts two Roman baths, one of which has been excavated while the other is buried underneath the city. The forum also features a small theater, which was also used for gladiatorial games.


Sonya Kotidou is your Hostess for the whole experience

Sonya holds a Ph.D in History of Art and has spent a good part of her life in Britain and the USA. She has excellent knowledge of the history of Thessaloniki from the byzantine times to the modern era, and loves to convey her expertise and love for the city to her guests.

  • Place of ORIGIN: Thessaloniki

  • LIVES in: Thessaloniki

  • SPEAKS: English

  • LOVES: travelling, studying history, art, reading, walking, communicating

  • Has TRAVELLED to: England, USA

  • Personal TRAITS: intellect, patience, politeness, ability to blend with people from different cultures

Here's how we'll spend the day and what we'll do together

 WHAT you will LEARN: 

  1. The historic evolution of Thessaloniki and the formation of its modern culture 

  2. Points of cultural & historic interest: archeological sights, byzantine monuments and museums of modern art

BOOK it !

Here are the details for Booking this Greek experience

  • Place:  Thessaloniki

  • Meeting Point: predetermined point at the city centre

  • Duration: 7 hours

  • Timetable: 11.00-18.00

  • Availability:  throughout the year

  • Group size: 6 persons max

  • Price:  80 euros per person

  • What’s SPECIAL about this experience: discover the “unknown” historical aspects of Thessaloniki, through the knowledge of a real history & arts connoisseur


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